How to choose targets in YouTube

Hello, I am Yone of the video editor.

This time, I will introduce how to select the viewer target necessary for the game live on YouTube, which I learned from the experience of watching many YouTubers in my video editing works.

How to select the target viewers needed to enter the game live on YouTube

Broadcasting live means telling the viewer the actual situation.

In order to convey the actual situation, it is necessary to think about "who to convey", that is, the target.

How to choose this target is an important factor in determining the direction of your entire channel.

When I watch the game Youtube, I often see a selection method like "Targeting men in their 20s and 30s".


I'm negative about choosing a target like this.


Now, let's think about "rivals" first.

Let's assume that now famous people in Japan such as "Junichi Kato", "Moko", "Ware Ware Da", "MSSP" ... are as rivals.


If "unfamous" people like us are fighting against them, is it okay to select a wide range of targets such as "target men in their 20s and 30s"?

You will be shaking your head without hearing the answer.

Choose a detailed target selection method

That's right. It is best to choose a detailed target.

For example, if you build a cafe with a similar target next to a large cafe with a thick target group of "women in their 20s and 30s" like Starbucks, it will go bankrupt immediately.

It shatters in an instant.


But what about owl cafes and reptile cafes?

Since the target is "women in their 20s and 30s who like owls", it does not overlap with the target group that Starbucks is aiming for.

There is a possibility that you can make a profit by selecting a detailed target.


Regardless of the taste of coffee, owl lovers gather, so it won't go bankrupt.



With this example as a reference, I would like you to imagine when you play the game live.

No matter how big the circle is inside the square frame, there will always be a small gap.

There are always some small gaps

Isn't it better to target the "niche layer" in that gap?

This is my opinion.


In other words, in order to compete with Starbucks from now on, it will be important to make videos like a reptile cafe.

Let's get back to the live audience targeting of the game.


Are there many channels that target "men in their 20s and 30s" as I mentioned at the beginning of this article?

There are definitely more channels for such a wide range of targets than there are Starbucks stores in Japan (1601 stores).

Imagine that channels with similar targets have similar live performances in similar games.

"I don't think the number of registrants will increase in this way!"


I would like to say that selecting a target of "men in their 20s and 30s" will bury your channel with many rivals.

Targets need to be set in more detail, like reptile cafes

Targets need to be set in more detail, like reptile cafes.


For example, men who is "19 years old, freshman in college, faculty of architecture, no girlfriend, and likes off-color humor" can be said to have "set a target" after narrowing down to this point.

By the way, this is me in the past ...


By the way, this target doesn't go to Starbucks very much.


In this way, if you decide on a solid target, you can think about the direction of the game live.


I repeat.


Broadcasting the live means "telling the actual situation."

To whom?


For men who are "19 years old, freshmen in college, faculty of architecture, without her, and like off-color humor."


Well, I've said so far, but I think it's difficult to choose this target.

Therefore, there is a convenient way of thinking about target selection.

It's all about "targeting yourself."


"What ...? Isn't it the reaction?

I know what you are thinking.

But think of yourself.

You're a surprisingly niche person, right?

If you keep making videos that make you laugh, people like you will watch it.

What's more, you understand yourself better than anyone, so I think it's easier to make videos.


It was impossible in the days when there was no SNS, but now there are SNS.

We are now in an era where you can persistently target your target audience with SNS such as Twitter and Instagram.


You don't have to make videos that everyone loves.

Ultimately, it's important to make a video that only you will be impressed with

Ultimately, it's important to make a video that only you will be impressed with.

This is my answer to you, who is interested in target selection.



  • If you choose a rough target, you will lose to Starbucks. The number of Starbucks stores in Japan is 1601. Can you beat Starbucks?
  • What about your favorite owl? Do you want to go to the owl cafe?
  • The real target is the cafe you like, "without a girlfriend, don't go to Starbucks, like owls".
  • In other words, target selection is very detailed. It's important to target yourself. This is the easiest to do.

By all means, please try to make a live game targeting yourself ♪

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